Sup? I’m Jane. I have an unhealthy addiction to fries, and Dance Moms reminds me of second grade. I’m 24 and have lived in Texas all my life; I’m currently in Dallas county, but my favorite-ever cities to have lived in are Austin and San Antonio.

Sometimes, I do cool things, and occasionally, I go through times when I want to do ALL the things. Two great things as a result of both are Hope Fades and Abuse Aloud. When I think it’s cool to be a #fangirl, I obsessively manage the Finding Carter Wiki.

I’ve been making web projects since 2000, courtesy of the late Matmice. In grades six and seven, I was a member of Girlstart, an after school program full of volunteers who encouraged me to follow my dreams and to be curious, regardless of my gender. It was an empowering organisation I still hold dear to my heart today…too bad I outgrew my #Girlstart shirt.

I follow a four-day rotation diet. I made a handy, dandy PDF of my allergies. I’m lactose-intolerant and allergic to milk, but I’m not allergic because of the casein—it’s because milk is mold-forming, and I am allergic to mold-forming things. I’m also allergic to salad, though it’s a favorite meal of mine.

Other interesting, and somehow lesser-known, things about me: I love dance and know how to clog, I keep a bucket list slightly dependent on my age to encourage me to try new things, I’m Native American, and I am bilingual.

About ‘A Dash of Jane’

I’ve changed my blog name several times—from Allergic Liza to What Liz Eats, then from That Jane Girl to almost Jane After Dark—for multiple reasons, before finally settling on A Dash of Jane. I wanted something cute and flexible, and it works.

The story and meaning behind A Dash of Jane is that it forces in a new perspective, inspires change and new beginnings, and will allot me the space to share what life is like with allergies through my eyes.

My longtime blog friend and pen pal Christine deserves credit for motivating me to create a lifestyle blog with a focus on food and allergies. She’s cool and posts about vegan/cruelty-free beauty products.

As always, my blog is a 100 percent nut-free and tree nut-free (including coconut1) blog.


A Dash of Jane is powdered by WordPress and HostClearly. I registered the domain itself via NameCheap. I created a child version of Flato to work with temporarily. The illustrated avatar of a girl with three birds in auburn hair was made by Kya.

Bucket list

Each birthday, I let myself add something new. :)

  1. Go parasailing
  2. Watch 100 movies in a year (must be ones I’ve never seen)
  3. Witness an aurora borealis
  4. Legally change my first name
  5. Finish a 365 project
  6. Learn ballet
  7. Publish a cookbook
  8. Publish a book
  9. Learn American Sign Language
  10. Buy a horse
  11. Learn how to ice skate
  12. Have a cafe/restaurant know my “usual”
  13. Swim with dolphins
  14. Watch a live musical
  15. Watch a ballet performance
  16. See a movie at a drive-in theater
  17. Attend a concert
  18. Learn Spanish again
  19. Travel to eight different states
  20. Go on a road trip
  21. Read 100 books
  22. Go camping/visit Turner Falls
  23. Make a web series OR short film
  24. Eat vegan for 30 days
  1. Coconut is a tree nut according to the FDA; §201(qq) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (view §201).