My top favorites from 2015

@adashofjane's top 2015 favorites

These aren’t all totally new, and many may not be new to others…and a lot are also not new to me. But I’m frequently asked about what I eat/like to eat/etc., because with allergies, you apparently can’t just have a lot of fun, so…

Like, having allergies and still eating is such a mystery to many people.

Essentially, my allergies put me on a healthy diet, which excludes salads and sandwiches…my allergies and I give “healthy” a whole new level, because what is considered healthy to others isn’t necessarily healthy to me.

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Correction: I’m not missing out.

There is some kind of misunderstanding that happens when someone learns about my allergies. Usually, this comes from the same kind of person who thinks one isn’t living life until they have had a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, or that they’re not being spontaneous enough by not worrying about the contents a food product has.

“You’re missing out,” people tell me.

“That’s unfortunate,” others say.

“I’m so sorry,” some offer.

“What can you eat?” is an utterly annoying question that sometimes happens, but I do see and understand where they’re coming from.

When I was first diagnosed with allergies, I was given nothing but a packet containing exactly what I couldn’t have and wasn’t told about a rotation diet until the second or third day of shots. I was recommended a life with grilled chicken and steamed vegetables, all seasoned with salt. I was told I couldn’t have any candy and had to give up bread.

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SMGF: November 2015

I applied to review Send Me Gluten Free again and was accepted. :) It’s about a year later that I’m trying it again. They still send at least one full-sized product in their boxes; this box doesn’t include lifestyle products like their former ones have—I’m not sure if it’s a constant now or if it’s just for this month. (It’s not a bad thing; it’s just a note.)

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